Personal Development

Counseling Together.

Personal development is the life-long act of assessing your goals and values and developing skills to maximize your potential. No matter what you are pursuing or trying to improve, it’s never too late to make a change. Whether you are looking for motivational help or making a career change, I can help you take the right steps toward a more fulfilled life.

What to Expect

You can achieve anything with the right mindset. However, you need to know where to aim first. My goal is to help you understand your values and figure out what personal development skills to build. After that, I’ll work with you to establish mechanisms and strategies to deal with stress and other negative emotions that can derail your plans.

My Approach

We will work closely together to help you develop a healthy growth mindset during our personal development counseling sessions. Using multiple therapeutic approaches, I will help you envision the future you seek and create a personal development plan that you can use as a roadmap.

Ready to Find a Path Forward Together?

Schedule a one-on-one session by clicking the button below. All of my sessions are performed in a caring and HIPAA protected environment. We can meet using a video chat service or over the phone, whichever makes you feel comfortable.


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